The photos in this gallery display a collection of some of my favourite photos from my recent expeditions to the Himalayas. In this selection, some of the photos were taken on the trek, in the skirts of a 6500m peak, hanging for dear life on the edge of a glacier or plain destroyed after a strenuous summit push.    
 Street photography is my photographic passion, and the way I see the world when I bring the camera up to my left eye. The photos in this gallery come from a great range of places as one of my cameras is always with me, even if I'm going on a short business trip for my day job. You'll notice my preferred treatment is black and white, but some images demand to be taken in colour.
 I am not the kind of photographer that carries a wide array of filters, cable release and a tripod, however, the eye of a photographer admires an engaging street moment in the same way that a breathtaking landscape or cityscape. These are some of those moments where nature or my surroundings have asked me to stop and freeze time.
 During my travels and my photo walks I've realised that we're all truly very similar to one another; there are lots of aspects that unite us, but not many as strong as the need to be immortal. Most of these portraits have been requests from strangers to be immortalised through my camera, and some are stolen moments.