Stephan in El Born, Barcelona

Stephan in El Born, Barcelona

Stephan Geyer

Born in Barcelona in 1981, but immigrated to Latin America with his family at an early age and grew up living in 3 continents. Stephan began photographing at a very young age with a Minolta film camera his father gave him. Largely self-taught, his photos display a fascination with candid urban life, explored alleys, slums, markets and streets in a constant attempt to truly discover and acquaint himself with what he describes as "real culture".

Stephan is also a high-altitude alpinist climbing peaks nearing the 7000 meters above sea level, where he explores the limits of his own fears and resilience, and at the same time discovers parts of the world that are hidden from the average traveller. In his expeditions, Stephan captures life on the edge and how it contrasts with the life of those that were born at altitude.

His work is characterised by a vivid physical sensibility. Typically, Stephan seeks the gloomier parts of cities usually hidden from sight by the glittering artificial world, and his perception is often portrayed with the help of contrast and juxtaposition. Photographically, he is more interested in reality than fiction, observation than direction.

Stephan was chosen to form part of a select group of photographic ambassadors for Fujifilm's professional range of cameras, the X-Series.