Table Mountain in Colour - Cape Town, South Africa / by Stephan

This is a very shocking entry to my photo journal. There are landscape photos, a photo of an animal and all of them are in colour. Completely the opposite of what my entries tend to be (I have a Black and White follow-up to this planned, though. Don't worry :P)

I went up to Table Mountain today for the first time after many visits to Cape Town, and I must say - the views are impressive. If it weren't for the unbelievable fog that happened to park itself atop of the mountain when I arrived… 

Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3061].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3132].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3110].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3131].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3101].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3116].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3130].jpg
Cape Town [2012-08-22 - DSCF3082].jpg