Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple in Dubai / by Stephan

A colleague of mine had been telling me about the new Sikh Temple that just opened in Dubai for a while, and unfortunately, our busy traveling schedules had not coincided until yesterday. It was quite a humbling experience to be able to enter a Gurdwara for the first time, as there was no awkwardness eventhough I clearly looked out of place there.

We went upstairs during prayer, followed by a great meal in the downstairs area of the temple, where volunteers serve delicious vegetarian food to anyone that needs it, or visit the temple. Below are some photos I managed to take; did not want to take too many and upset someone!

Sikh [2012-08-17 - DSCF2954].jpg
Sikh [2012-08-17 - DSCF2965].jpg
Sikh [2012-08-17 - DSCF2981].jpg
Sikh [2012-08-17 - DSCF2960].jpg