Dubai Fish Market / by Stephan

Dubai is a city that is often criticised for being fake, unreal and "disney-land-like", and while this is true for many part of the city, if you venture to certain areas of town, you can experience what real Dubai feels like.

One of these places is the Dubai Fish Market. When @FujifilmME asked on twitter what Landmark in Dubai is the best to take photos of, I thought immediately of it. Here are some photos, taken with my X-Pro1, from my last visit there.

1Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0579].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0547].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0570].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0581].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0597].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0601].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0602].jpg
Walkabout [2012-05-18 - DSCF0606].jpg