"Black & White"

Expedition to Mera Peak by Stephan Geyer

This past March, I set off on my latest expedition to the Himalayas. This time, the aim was to climb Mera Peak, some kilometres to the west of Mt. Everest and try to reach to reach the summit at 6480m - it was not going to be easy.

This first part will feature images of the build-up towards the actual climb, these photos come from a variety of locations in Kathmandu and somewhere on the trail. All of these photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100S, in RAW and edited in Lightroom 5.

The streets of Thamel, Kathmandu. by Stephan

I've been very lazy/slow in processing photos from my trips, but I have decided it is time to get back to the basics.

Early April this year, I decided to embark in one of my mountaineering trips, this time to climb Island Peak (6180m) in Nepal. I will be posting photos from the trek and from the summit push in the coming week, but in the meantime, I am posting some of my personal favourite shots of the streets of Thamel, the iconic neighbourhood of Kathmandu.

All the photos were taken with my X-Pro1 and either my 35/1.4 or my 18/2.0 Fujinon lenses. The last time I went mountaineering, I took my 5D and 35L lenses - what a difference it makes, not to the extra weight of a DSLR!

Anyway, enough of this and on to the photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0027].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0617].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0616].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0615].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0614].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0613].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-05 - 0607].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-04 - 0597].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-04 - 0592].jpg
Island Peak [2013-04-04 - 0590].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0049].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0048].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0047].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0041].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0040].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0037].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0035].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0031].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0026].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0025].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0022].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0020].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0017].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0015].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-16 - 0012].jpg