Expedition to Mera Peak by Stephan Geyer

This past March, I set off on my latest expedition to the Himalayas. This time, the aim was to climb Mera Peak, some kilometres to the west of Mt. Everest and try to reach to reach the summit at 6480m - it was not going to be easy.

This first part will feature images of the build-up towards the actual climb, these photos come from a variety of locations in Kathmandu and somewhere on the trail. All of these photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100S, in RAW and edited in Lightroom 5.

Expedition to Island Peak (Part II) by Stephan Geyer

It's been a while since I posted anything! Partly due to the fact that my website was growing older and less dynamic, something that I've fixed (I think!).

Whilst I just came back a month ago from my last expedition (Mera Peak, 6480m), I had pending uploading the rest of the images from my Island Peak expedition, to be honest, my favourite ones from the two parts.

Hope you enjoy the images!

Expedition to Island Peak (Part I) by Stephan

As I start to mentally prepare for next year's expedition to the summit of Mera Peak, I realised that I never got around posting photos from this year's expedition to the summit of Island Peak in Nepal. I've decided to stop lazying around and post something.

The photos below cover in chronological order the journey from Lukla until Dingboche, where we walked for close to 2 weeks around 180 kilometers and ascended roughly 3000 vertical meters, summiting Gokyo Ri, crossing the breathtaking Gokyo lakes and the Ngozumpa Glacier, traversing the difficult and steep Cho-La Pass, summiting Kala Pattar and taking our mandatory photos in Everest Base Camp and the Khumbu Glacier.

This part of the trek, besides being visually amazing, was a fantastic acclimatisation for what was to come after Dingboche (next post). The hard climb of Island Peak (Imja Tse - 6180m).

Island Peak [2013-03-19 - 0143].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-19 - 0153].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-21 - 0183].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-21 - 0186].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-21 - 0190].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-21 - 0193].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-21 - 0205].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0212].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0219].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0227].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0236].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0242].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-22 - 0243].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-23 - 0245].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-23 - 0277].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-23 - 0292].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-23 - 0298].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-23 - 0310].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0326].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0331].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0337].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0342].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0345].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-24 - 0348].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-26 - 0375].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-26 - 0416].jpg
Island Peak [2013-03-27 - 0437].jpg